Tuesday, Aug 9, 2022

How to manage your time

On this episode of Life of a CISO, I share my super secret ninja trick to be world class: How to manage your time. You can understand the technical..


On this episode of Life of a CISO, I share my super secret ninja trick to be world class: How to manage your time. You can understand the technical and strategic elements to being a CISO, but to be a world-class CISO, you have to decide what to ignore and what to make your priorities. There will always be fires. An example I give is that if you have to see a doctor, or go to traffic court, or pick up your child in an emergency, you will find a way to work that into your schedule. When you get clear which priorities have that same sense of urgency and which ones can wait, you can be world class. The best way to do this is: every day either at the beginning or end of the day, write out 3 things that you must focus on as your highest priority for the following day in order to reach your daily, monthly, and other time-sensitive goals. If you do this for 30 days, you will see amazing improvement in your work.

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Show notes:
0:26 You can understand your job, but if you can’t manage your time, you won’t be world class
2:26 You can’t do everything, but you can do anything
3:16 I can do any role in the company (but I shouldn’t)
5:14 Would you miss a really important appointment? Of course not!
7:06 What if your position was cut in half?
8:31 Projects expand to the amount of time you are given
10:40 Don’t force yourself to become a CISO if you’re better off being a security engineer
12:16 Technical
13:07 What area is neglected? The strategy side.
15:45 No perfect formula, just do what works best for the organization
17:45 How to block your time out
18:43 Most people are not clear on their highest priority
20:09 Super ninja trick: Write down top 3 things to focus on
21:40 Commit to try this for 30 days
21:14 What are my non-negotiables?
26:10 The clearer you get on what you have to do today to meet your goals, the more you can do

About Dr Eric Cole
Eric Cole, PhD, is an industry-recognized security expert with over 20 years of hands-on experience in consulting, training, and public speaking. As the founder and CEO of Secure Anchor Consulting, Dr. Cole focuses on helping customers prevent security breaches, detect network intrusions, and respond to advanced threats. In addition, he is a sought-after expert witness and a 2014 inductee to the InfoSecurity Hall of Fame.

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By: Dr Eric Cole
Title: How to manage your time
Sourced From: www.youtube.com/watch?v=C12GBZCd1Zk