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There is no limit to human potential; however, it’s the individual, culture, leadership, circumstances, and society that sets a limit on that unlimited potential.

With the digital evolution and innovation taking place in organizations globally, the management must be mindful that the driving force behind the success and prosperity of organizations are employees. 

How well does the individual continue to perform and grow in their current roles, how likely are they to take on new challenges at work, rapidly learn and grow into next-level roles, or roles that are expanded and redefined as the business develops? Does "human potential" begin and end with one individual? Or does it encompass collective potential?

Potentiality is correlation with innovation
: Human potential is limitless, and can be unleashed by exploring it: The condition of being human is the endless search for the conditions that allow them to find our true identity through self-reflection and self-realization, and maximize the potential. Individuals need to step outside the box and challenge perception, push themselves to the limit. Learning is the key to move forward, by gaining the knowledge, address any future potential challenges and issues with more confidence to avoid failures.

To identify potential and create an authentic organizational culture to encourage employees’ growth, successful organizations should encourage people to learn and grow, potential is about future performance worthy investment. The management should continue making talent assessments, define the updated competency model, assess the talent's overall capability to solve problems, strike the right balance of learning capability, character, skills, communication, and energy within the teams. A potentiality portfolio is an integral component of innovation management. The potential portfolio investment needs to enhance the strategic objective alignment and accelerate future growth of the business. It’s a part of strategy management and organizational transformation effort in a structural way.

Human potential is a bottom-up, upwardly and outwardly-expanding process: Strength needs to be built via continuous practices, and competencies are interrelated with the traits and expertise. In order to tap your potential, investigate your passion, discover your strength, define competency and build capabilities, establish yourselves as a very strong reputation in a particular topic area. The best way to discover potentiality and go on discovering what we are capable of doing is by following our insights, intuitions, and imagination while at the same time keeping our feet firmly on the ground.

As individuals, the challenge is to transcend the perceived limitations and make the most of the gifts we are given. People with high potential continue to learn to expand the horizons with a growth mindset, they either demonstrate the positive attitude or constructive criticism to build a healthy or even creative workplace. As an organization or a society, we should be striving to create an environment that is egalitarian enough so every individual has, at least, the opportunity to actualize their potential,

There are both cognition and emotion involved, hard and soft elements in creating potentiality development formulas: Potentiality is about future performance; it takes the immense amount of time and hard work that "naturally talented" people have committed to developing their talents and building their professional competencies such as creativity, problem-solving competency etc. If there is such a magic formula of potentiality development, could it be: Potentiality development = raw talent + hard work + resource + training, etc. From an evolutionary perspective, this is what we humans have always done and will continue doing – exploring our minds and bodies for the latent powers inherent in our genes. Based on the talents and skills each one of us has been given, the person is able to live an authentic life, actively explore who they are and make the biggest contribution to society according to their specific gifts and passions.

Collectively, it’s important to nurture the right environment to grow a natural affinity into "talent, “tapping human potential, believe in building talent, otherwise it would be underutilized or dormant. It takes the immense amount of time and hard work that most "naturally talented" people have committed to developing their talents, building a set of capabilities to deliver consistent high performance results. When the employees fail, the leaders are not so effective and the employee didn't try as hard as they might have, you fail to unleash talent potential or diminish the overall business potential for the long run. When you identify and develop human potential, make sure people get placed into the most conducive environment in which they can flourish and make the maximum contribution to themselves and their organization.

There is no limit to human potential; however, it’s the individual, culture, leadership, circumstances, and society that sets a limit on that unlimited potential. We need to nurture an inclusive environment in which people are comfortable to be themselves, continue to learn and grow. It is only then we will see 'Human potential' really show itself, and then come together as a group, will we see real human potential achieved and human society are making leapfrog progress continually.


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