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Forward-looking organizations experiment with different types of organizational structure design to enforce business alignment, enablement,..

title Forward-looking organizations experiment with different types of organizational structure design to enforce business alignment, enablement, communication, collaboration, and harmony.

Digital makes a significant impact on every aspect of the business from people, process to technology, both horizontally and vertically. Digital becomes the very fabric of high performing business, being outside-in and customer-centric is the new mantra for forward-looking and high mature digital organizations today.

 From an organizational structure perspective, how can you fine-tune the digital dimensions of your organizational development to harness innovation?

  Innovate Corporate Structure 

Innovation of Organizational Structure Digital transformation is the scalable expansion toward multiple directions. The organization should keep tuning its structure and process to become more adaptable. There are different theories of organizational structure innovation and the format of the future of the organization etc. The whole point is how to build a more creative and productive working environment in which the employees’ potential can be unleashed, and business as a whole is superior to the sum of its parts.

Inneraspectsofdesigningaviabledigitalorganization Digital organizations are the complex ecosystem with the blurring line between functions and geographic locations. Going digital is a long journey with all sorts of barriers and pitfalls on the way. You have to strike the right balance between order and chaos, change and stability, innovation and standardization. Viability is one of the very characteristics of the digital organization. You may leverage design thinking to reinvent an organization that can enforce collaboration and harness innovation by creating business synergy, maintaining viability, and making strategic effects.

Innovateorganizationalstructuredesign Digital organizations are all about information savvy, people-centricity, high-performance, and speed, with an amalgam of socio-systems, techno-systems, bio-systems, and econo-systems, etc. Corporate structure and its impact on business efficiency, agility, and innovation could play either a positive or negative impact.

Initiatives to Fine-Tune the Organizational Structure The digital organization is an integral business system with policies, cultures, work climates, people (employees, customers, partners, etc.) and processes. To keep digital fit, the organization has to keep optimizing its functional or structural design and management pyramid to achieve a high level of autonomy and the state of digital equilibrium. The whole business ecosystem needs to communicate, negotiate and cooperate with each other for catalyzing changes and harnessing innovation. Here are some fair reasons to fine-tune the organizational structure for streamlining digital flow and improving the organizational maturity.

InnerperspectivesofDebureaucratization The root of the word "bureaucracy" is: bureau(fr) = desk and kratos(gr) = rules/ power. The larger the organization and inputs, the larger the amount of 'rules' necessary for its function and to keep dependent variables and outputs delivery stable. However, too many rules will stifle innovation, outdated rules will stop the business from moving forward with accelerated speed. And the overly restricted hierarchy will cause silo, discourage cross-functional communication and collaboration. Hence, dismantling bureaucratization is inevitable because of the ever-increasing speed of changes and expanding interdependence. Here are three perspectives of debureaucratization.

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